About me

I am a seasoned educator -- having taught for more than 20 years, yet I still consider myself a student. Over the years I have continuously sought to learn innovative ways to educate and reach students. Based on my own experience in the classroom and influenced by the research on utilizing creativity and different modalities in 21st-century learning, I have shaped my own teaching to include more creative expression and deeper student involvement. As a result, I have witnessed remarkable engagement on the part of students who were otherwise turned off to traditional methods of education.

With this passion for trying to reach students, I have focused my career growth on transforming both my current school as well as other schools into models of educational excellence.  In my consulting across schools within Canada, the U.S and Israel, I advise teachers on how to innovate in the classroom and to think about teaching differently. It has been extremely gratifying to work with teachers who are eager to learn how to reach their students in a more lasting way and one that makes education a life-long pursuit.

When not consulting for schools, I am the director of Project Based Learning at Hebrew Academy of Cleveland for the boys’ general studies Junior high division. In this position I am tasked with revamping and elevating their curricula to make it more meaningful and impactful for students. In May 2020, I was accepted into the Brandeis Teacher Leadership Program with a full scholarship through a Jewish philanthropic organization. I graduated with a Masters in Educational Leadership in May 2022.

I would be honored to work with your school to help it grow as a center for 21st-century learning, where student engagement is deep, meaningful and lasting.

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"I have seen thought-provoking and deeply personal work emerge from assignments in which students were asked to synthesize what they had learned and create meaningful representations."

-- Daniella Robicsek Botnick

What people are saying

"You made what might seem to be a significant shift in our approach, into a seamless and straightforward improvement. We did not lose our educational identity by utilizing your consulting expertise, but rather we have become more true to ourselves. You have helped us grow into a 21st century Institution."
— Rav Tuvia Aronson, Rosh Midrasha at Midreshet Neve Michael in Pardes Hana, Israel

“Little did they know how much I gained with that paint brush in my hand. I was able to empathize with Sara and at the same time found a new way of learning.”
— Maayan Keren, Mizrachi graduate, excerpt from her college application essay entitled: An event that changed my life”  You can read her essay here.

"Sandbox participants expressed to me numerous times how impacted they were by the work of Daniella’s students. They were impressed by the power of the arts to transform religious experience and to create meaning out of a ritual that leaves too many of our kids spiritless and unmoved."
— Tikvah Wiener, head of Idea School, Tenafly New Jersey regarding a Tefilla workshop I gave for her "Summer Sandbox" in August 2019

“I was so pleased with Simona's participation in the alternative Tefilla (Daniella's) class where she was allowed to express her Tefillot through the medium of art. She eloquently described her drawings in the context of certain Tefillot, like Hallel, and I thought that was something of a break through.  It offered her an opportunity to think deeply about God in an 'out of the box' way.  This is the kind of educational experience that reaches her and I appreciate you and your staff identifying and meeting her needs.”
— Dr. Jonathan Baskin, parent of 11th grade student

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